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Re: shoulder turn leads to bat wrap

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Apr 7 10:15:54 2009

>>> When I start my stance, i am squared up to the pitcher. with my elbow up in line with my shoulders. Pretty Normal stance. However, my swing is long because instead of loading my hands, I have the habit of turning my shoulders toward the 2nd baseman. My coaches are trying to get me to not turn my shoulders. I do not feel comfortable with this new way and i do not feel like I am getting any power whatsoever. Please help. Am i right or is my coach right? Is shoulder turn bad? <<<

Hi Mike

I am placing below a post from the Archives that discusses the "inward turn" of the shoulders to prepare the launch position and a video clip of two good MLB hitters. Although the topic of the clip explains the importance of "hiding the hands," you can compare your shoulder position at launch to these great hitters. If they are comparable, maybe you can have your coaches review this post.

Hiding the hands

Griffey Jr & David Wright- CHP

Jack Mankin


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