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Re: Re: Re: back foot pivot

Posted by: rql () on Fri Apr 10 12:25:09 2009

> > > I am new to this so forgive me if I am missing something. My 6 year old is just starting to hit coach pitches (mine) and he hits often and hard. He does appear to have a good swing but instead of pivoting his back foot on the swing he lifts his heel so he finishes the swing with his back foot on the toes. I would guess he is putting too much weight on the front leg but he doesn't seem to understand what I am saying to him. Do I have the diagnosis correct and should I do something about it or let it go until he is older?
> >
> > Most good major league hitters finish the same way as your son.
> Really? When I say he finishes on his toes, I mean all the way on his toes with entore foot off ground as opposed to just the heel off the ground with ball of foot on ground.
chris ,torque is right but with everything in hitting especially explaining over internet it can be misinterpreted.At contact and into the follow thru some hitters are on their rear toe,arron even had his rear foot off the ground at contact[hitting against his front side ]not up on top of it.somewhere during the follow thru the rear foot comes back on to the ball of the foot thus being called squash the bug,this is how the body balances better as the bat comes around to the back of the body,so make sure when he is on his toe,if he has completed his follow thru and is still on his toe it could be a different problem,but right at contact he should be on yhe yoe tip only


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