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Re: Re: Can't buy in to rotational mechanics

Posted by: Swingbuilder (crjedwards@aol.com) on Mon Aug 7 12:56:41 2006

Thats what I'm putting my money on Mike. Its a rotational swing just like ALL hitters. Send me a swing clip on email Daniel. I wanta see this Linear swing you talk about.

Most have taken the TRUE meaning of Linear and made it into something else. Linear just means lunging and not something anyone teaches. Every hitter is a rotational hitter, have to be if the hips rotate. Most good hitters have good lateral movements to go with that hip and shoulder rotation. So rotational means hitting against the frontside and linear means lunging by hitting ON your frontside.

> > I just finished my first season at William Jewell college. After refurbishing my swing I have done a lot of research on rotational versus linear hitting mechanics. Our coach teaches linear mechanics. I had my doubts at first, but after sticking with it I find that I have better plate coverage and an INCREASE in POWER! Many of the best hitters in our conference come from our team. All of them with sound linear mechanics. In fact, a couple of years ago our shortstop led the conference in homeruns (15). The amazing thing is he was no more than 5'10 175lbs. Certainly not a powerhouse. I just cannot buy into the fallacy that linear mechanics is for weak hitters.
> > If anyone can sell it to me I would be more than willing to listen.
> Daniel,
> I am not sure if anyone can sell you on anything. Not meaning that in a bad way. If your coach is teaching the Linear swing and you see it is working for you then that is maybe the best. If you cant see what the guys in the Pro's are using rotation and hear that kids that are drafted having problems. In the minor's they have to re-learn how to swing the bat.
> Now not knowing how your current coach teachs the swing. You may be getting or receiving rotational advice or instruction and it could be called linear.
> Mike


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