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Re: video of not swinging down

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Apr 19 11:53:35 2009

>>> I remember on one of your post a long time ago you showed a break down of a swing with comentary of a player not swinging down. It showed hitting on a field where he hit one aprox 450 ft with a wood bat and the breakdown of his swing. Do you still have that in the archives. We have a couple of players swinging down on our team and want to show them a video of why not to swing down. Also if you have any other videos of players in slow motion not swinging down.
Thanks, Kurt <<<

Hi Kurt

I have placed below the video clip you referred to plus an across-the-plate view of four MLB hitters. In the last clip we are discussing the role of the lead-arm. However it clearly shows their bats downward trajectory has bottomed-out and is on an up-slope at contact. All four exhibit basically the same swing-plane as shown in the first clip.

Across-the-plate view of the swing plane

4 Good hitters -- Lead Arm

Jack Mankin


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