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Re: swinging too early

Posted by: Terry (barbsyd@yahoo.com) on Wed Apr 22 10:36:46 2009

I'm not one of the resident experts on this site but I do have some perspective on your question. My 9 year old has been having similar timing problems as yours except that he has been behind the pitches.
I currently coach a 9 - 10 kid pitch team and have watched many good hitters struggle with timing. I think that at 9 years old it is difficult for the boys to make adjustments to pitch speed.

I recommend not going to the batting cage but rather taking them to a field and simulating game speed pitching. This will allow your son to get used to the correct distance and speed that he will see in games. I always include kid pitch in my team practices so the boys can get a feel for true game speed pitching.


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