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Re: Re: Re: Re: shoulder turn leads to bat wrap

Posted by: daw () on Wed Apr 22 22:35:48 2009

> > > mike your load seems to be right in line with batspeed mechanics. two things I would
> > check are when you turn in to load can you still see the pitcher with both eyes esp check the
> > rear eye.and if you get the rear arm much higher then horizontal the bat can wrap around
> > your head other wise you should be ok
> >
> > My high school coach says that i close my self off by turning my shoulders....therefore "flying
> > open" the front shoulder. What am i supposed to do now that i know what i have been doing
> > is correct?
> Flying open is usually timing being off or hitting the outside portion of the ball too much. Work on hitting line drives and ground balls up the middle and this should fix the appearance of flying open. I also fly open if I use a bat that is too light. You might also be really flexible which is great for hitting so your coach might be seeing a lot of core flexibility. You have to be diplomatic and very respectful with your coach so maybe you can suggest you are going to work on hitting the ball hard up the middle. I can't think of many coaches that would argue with this approach to hitting.
> >
> >

Mike, my daughter had very similar issues with both her travelball coaches and her high school coach. They continuously wanted to "tweak" her swing with what in fact were major and harmful changes. It was affecting her swing and her confidence at the plate.

I finally emailed them the link to this site along with many clips of great hitters using rotational mechanics that can be found on the web. I then sat down with them and politely but literally said 'You aren't arguing with me, you're arguing with Ken Griffey, jr., Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Albert Pujos, etc." My "compromise" position was: There are many ways to skin a Cat; she's been hitting her way for years and it works for her. Please leave her alone".

They went along with it and she's been doing fine since.

Some coaches can be blown off, but if they stay on you, you have to be prepared to fight for your swing if necessary.

Coaches, being humans, are loathe to admit that they have been coaching their players' swings into the ground for however long they've been at it, ESPECIALLY "professional" swing instructors. But again, you need to be prepared to fight for your swing.


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