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Re: Re: Re: Re: swinging too early

Posted by: rql (jord23) on Fri Apr 24 16:30:29 2009

> > > > My son is 9 years old in his first year of coach pitch. He has been a very good baseball player until his last 4 games in which he has struck out 6 of his last 8 at bats. He is very relaxed at the plate, confident and has is not afraid of the ball (He has been hit alot, I am a terrible pitcher). The bulk of his problem is that he swings the way too early. He usually gets behind on the count because he fouls down 3rd. He has excellent bat speed, He has a 18oz 29" bat that he has been using the past two years. I even thought about getting him a heavier bat to slow up his speed. Lately we have been working in the cage alot. I think that this may mess with his game timing because of the shorter distance. What advice can you give me and what drills do you suggest that I do?
> > > >
> > > > Thanks
> > >
> > >
> > > Does he swing from the R or L side?
> > > Early or Late foul down 3rd may be either.
> > > Depends "how" he swings
> >
> > he is right handed and swings early when the ball is out front. He has a hard time swinging when the ball over the plate
> Kip:
> Asdide fom his inability to "wait" on the pitch (possibly the short throwing disance has messed his up his timing as you suggested,...short toss can do that). Definitely game distance throwing is best.
> Here's a check list to start with:-
> When you throw to him do his hands disappear behind his shoulder, rotating around and back of his shoulder, or do they stay visble prior to bat launch?
> Does he lunge, or does he hit into a firm front knee (front side)?
> Is he rotational, or is he too linear, tryng to "get extension out front"?
> Does he use proounced wrist rotation prior to contact
> Too, does he appear to attempt, or show any improvement when you coach him re his timing issue?

...The field ideas are all good but we may be putting the cart before the horse.My question is does he put his front foot down and his head going over his front leg.if so it needs to be addressed as let the ball come to him.Do you always do bag work and tee with the ball out front of him to pull,have him hit balls on the outer 3rd of plate in line with lead knee,shift him so he hits the bag in line with lead knee,again as an outer 3rd pitch,put a tee on the outside of plate in line with where his lead knee will be at toe touch,put a ball on it and let him know this is how far back he should make contact with the ball,then do short straight toss as he gets to driving the ball hard up middle and away and just back up a little as he progresses,kepp the ball outer half of plate,finally get full distance,you can also do straight toss away then in and alternate to teach them to look away and react in.


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