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Top-hand Torque...think I might have it now

Posted by: Dave (NYTino20@aol.com) on Sat Aug 12 21:18:52 2006

I think I have the concept down now. The way my hands are in my stance while I was pulling back I would be pulling the bathead straight back and then from there towards the ball so it was really awkward. I think and please correct me if I'm wrong that when you think of pulling the bat-head back towards the catcher it isn't directly behind you it is actually where the catcher would be which is directly behind home plate. This path for the bat-head makes much more sense then the way I was trying. I was basically trying to pull the bathead with my fingers straight back behind my right shoulder as if the catcher was right behind me when in reality the catcher is behind home plate. If I am confusing anyone any further please let me know and I will rephrase it the best I can. I hope I am right this time.


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