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Re: Re: question for jack

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Tue Apr 28 21:02:37 2009

thank you JACK you answered my question about loading the barrel foward before starting the swing. I also like your drill about tipping the bat head foward as a drill to teach tht . about eleven yrs ago I had purchased a hitting video that taught a similar drill the instructor called it hanging the barrel foward . My older son was 11 at the time on the first pitch with the bat head hungtowards the pitcher he hit a ball over the fence the ball was still climbing when it hit atree the was about 50 ft high .He never hit any thing close to that before ,I was amazed I had found a new technique that took the balance between the batter and the pitcher and put it way in the batters favor unfortunatley ,we had to keep it only as drill because it was causing what I now know to be swing plane problems


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