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Re: Re: Re: Dog-legging the bat

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Tue Apr 28 21:57:05 2009

Hi Dave you have the opposite problem that I had. With me the problem was lunging foward .I foung out to late if I dropped my back shoulder a little bit and swung with a slight upper cut I could stop lunging foward and be more balanced . I guess with you its to much of a upper cut. Could you be collasping your back leg in your load or stride?Maybe you pegged it right trying to hit homers or perhaps you dont have a problem at all. How are you hitting ? Are you a power hitter? lefties seem to swing on a upward plane more then righties but if you do have a problem I would go to the discussion board and read all of Jack mankins post on swing planes from 2000 on. His last tape does explain the swing planes and the baseball. good luck keep swinging


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