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Re: Re: Aggressiveness at the plate

Posted by: rql () on Thu Apr 30 16:19:03 2009

> > Hey I'm looking for ways to teach my 9u boys more assertiveness/aggressiveness at the plate. I have some that see the walk as baseball's version of a bailout, and we're stranding waaaaay too many runners on base.
> >
> > Any teaching/drilling tips to teach aggressive hitting would be appreciated...
> >
> > Thanks!
> Give the game ball at the end of each game to the most aggresive hitter. Probably wouldn't base it on actually hitting the ball and would maybe give it to a kid that goes down swinging hard during at bats or hitting the ball hard somewhere. If you really wanted to motivate them you could try an autographed game used Pujols or Ramirez bat...

When your hitters step in the box,have them say to themselves,ok pitcher throw me your best stuff,because I am going to hit the ball right back at you so hard you wont be able to move your glove in front of your face before it takes your head off.If you can get them to get the adrenaline pump from this to enhance their fast twitch muscles ,then walks will become the outcome they settle for but not be looking for.


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