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coach pitch

Posted by: Amy (prettyface66@yahoo.com) on Sun May 3 21:20:56 2009

I moved my 5 year old up to coach pitch this year because he was ready. He throws he ball hard and hits well. I coach softball at the high school level. At my son's practice he isn't throwing hard to the other players because he is afraid he is going to hurt someone. I told him to throw it in the air to the first baseman. Later his coach told all the players to throw it and make sure it is on the ground before it gets to the first baseman because it is easier for the first baseman to get it than it is if it was in the air. this infuriated me. I don't want to step on toes, but I brought my kid up from t-ball so he would get better and play with kids who could handle the ball. He was put on a team with all new players to coach pitch. I don'twant to contradict the coach with my son, because I am a coach and I wouldn't want anyone doing that to me nd I don't want to be "that" parent. However, i don't want my son getting into the habit of throwing bad and not in the air to first. I don't want him to kill any kids, but i want him to do what is right as well. Help!


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