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Posted by: Kevin (KevinHanley@cookspring.com) on Tue May 5 11:10:25 2009


Just had a question for you.

My son is in little league (Majors) and he is 9 years old. He starts at second, but plays just about everywhere. He bats cleanup amongst 12 year olds, three are All-stars. He regularly HITS 75 mph pitching, not just gets around on it, hits it. We've played about 19 games and I'd say he struck out about 5 - 6 times total so far. Always seems to put the ball in play or walk. It's funny because he's average size (54" tall 75 lbs), smallest on the team more due to age I think. hasn't done it in a game yet, but has hit it over the fence at 200ft. He hits more line drives than elevated shots.

He actually draws a crowd in the cages and get a lot of praise from the High School coaches.

Hitting coach at the High School said "that kid is baseball"

I just want to see if you've run across a lot of kids that can hit at this level.

Judging by this if you can, do you have any drills that I can work with him on for adjusting to a drop off on his AAU team. They throw a lot slower and he seems to have a hard time waiting on the ball. I tell him to try and pluck it out of the air. He still get his hits but you can tell he's a little off balance.

The most important thing is he loves it and I just want to give him every chance to get better.

thanks a bunch.

Have a great day!


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