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Re: Right elbow

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Tue May 5 20:01:09 2009

> My sons back elbow seems to get away from his body. His swing looks ok except everything is too far in front. I watched the analysis dvd and there was a kid that had the same issue and the narrator mentioned it could be fixed with a drill.
> How do I get my sone to keep his elbow to his side?
> Thanks,
> Joe

Have him hit the center of the baseball or the inside of the baseball as opposed to the outside of the ball. You shouldn't be casting your arms if you are hitting the center to inside of the ball. My guess is he is pulling the ball and the only way to pull the ball is to hit the outside of the ball. Have him work on hitting all balls right up the middle. The tee is the best place to correct this.

Lunging at the ball and throwing hands at the ball all seem to be an incorrect instinct to go at the pitched ball. Correcting this is best done getting on the tee and understanding what it means to stay back and rotate on the ball. Then try and take this knowledge to the live pitch. It takes a while to correct this and the hitter needs to understand what you are teaching. Visual demonstrations with clear and simple consisent verbal communication seems to work best. Don't be surprised if you find yourself repeating this a lot and for a long time with kids so be patient.


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