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Re: Re: Grip pressure & wrist action

Posted by: restless () on Wed May 6 17:26:53 2009

Mr Mankin

Thank you for the verification. I help coach fastpicth girls and they do not want to believe that the wrists cannot break with both hands gripping the bat. It requires arms shortening and lengthening.

The above link "Golf & Baseball grips" assumption that the golf swing uses wrist breaking for major power is not quite right.

The golfer must retain, through impact, the wrist cock present at address or their will be no clubhead throw out during "wrist roll" There is a little more wrist cock obtained at trail elbow max bending that could be available.

Following is a quote from my Golfing "bible".

The Hands are strong, educated, adjustable Clamps attaching the Club to the Arms for control of the Clubface alignments. By themselves, they are actually able to drive the ball only a relatively short distance. Even the Wristcock is not properly an action of the Wrist muscles. So the only absolutely essential muscular contribution of the Wrists is “holding on”.

Thank you


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