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Re: Re: Great Hitters

Posted by: curious () on Wed May 6 18:40:53 2009

> > do great hitters in the bigs know they are using rotational mechanics? everytime i hear them talk about hitting they usually mention something linear. it seems they do the opposite of what they actually think they are doing..if this is true,how did they develop their mechanics?
> Great hitters notice they hit the ball harder when they swing a certain way which happens to be rotational. Then they don't listen much to anyone else over their careers or they don't understand. Pavlov if you will.

> One very interesting video was watching Barry Bonds describe how he crushes the ball. He simply said he dropped his powerful rear hammer on the ball. He was referring to his top hand. Not very effective hitting instruction but he sure can swing and from what I can see he is doing more than dropping the hammer.



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