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Re: drills

Posted by: Tom () on Thu May 7 12:03:24 2009

Post topics like this cause fear and anxiety for me.

My favorite drills are, front toss, tee work, and basic hitting in the cage.
Too often I feel like coaches and parents get too caught up in crazy drills to improve indiviual parts of the swing and end up being counter productive.

My approach:
*Get nice a loose with a dynamic warm up (buttkicks, high knees, arm circles etc.) Make sure the hamstrings a loose so the lower back is loose and keep it short and productive.

*Start with front toss
Move up the L-screen and flip it. If your right handed, set it up for a lefty and vice versa. Have it set up pretty much over the right side of the plate so the ball is coming straight.
Then let the kid get smooth and loose with some nice cuts. Go through a bucket and move back.
*Then go live.
Then give him enough rounds before he really tires and the mechanics start to slip becuase of fatigue. Don't try to loob them or heat him up to get him ready for the big flame thrower in the league. Allow the kid to get nice cuts to improve mechanics and confidence.

Theres nothing like it.


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