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Re: How important is the front step?

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Fri May 8 16:00:40 2009

> I know the shorter the step, the better... but would it hurt to not even step at all? I've noticed some pro hitters merely just lift the back of their foot in the air while keeping the front on the ground.
> I was just wondering if it really matters.

I think the step is kind of like your preference for pizza. Everybody has their favorite toppings so it depends on what tastes good to you.

The only fact I have on the step is that the foot has to be down before rotation can begin. I believe feet need to be more than shoulder width apart (somewhere between a Manny stance and a Pujols stance). I think a narrow stance is more detrimental to a hitters success than a wider stance because the foot seems to be in the air longer and delays rotation in some kids.

Study the THT, BHT, CHP and rear elbow slot on this site and you will see some power if you are making good contact with the ball.

Good luck.


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