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Re: arc softball swing and timing

Posted by: Dan (DMOS74@webtv.net) on Wed Jun 27 20:39:58 2001

I've played baseball for many years colminating in a decent high school career, now midway trough collge, I've been asked to play arc softball, I need to know what to do in order to hit well, instead of popping out all the time as I do now, in HS baseball my timing and swing were good enough to give me a career .348 average, now I need to know how to adjust. Any and all help welcome. Thanks --Steve

I have been playing arc for 3 years now and everybody that comes over from baseball has the same problem. #1. Learn to use the whole field. If you can your avg will go up anywhere from 100-250 points in next full season. #2 Patience. Take a pitch to get timing. If it's 1-1 count and you go to 1-2 that's fine. If you're afraid of hitting with 2 strikes you're doomed for failure. Go up the middle with two strikes-almost always. #3 To prevent popping up you ust start thinking line drive up the middle all the time. Once you can do that then you expand the field. How do you do this? You wait an enormous amount of time until the ball is literally at the level of your stomach and then you swing, aiming up middle. It's not a reaction game-it's a timing game. You can't say just because I was good in baseball I will be good at this. You must learn a new game.


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