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Re: Re: Bat Speed Drills

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Tue May 12 06:12:59 2009

> > Are there any good drills that can be used to help increase bat speed? My question is related to basball but does it really matter?
> >
> > thanks

You can do over under swing training to increase your batspeed. Get 3 bats and a broomstick cut to the length of your bat. Get game bat, a bat 3 to 6 ounces lighter than your game bat, and a bat 3 to 6 ounces heavier than your game bat. Take dry cuts 10 to 20 with each of the 3 bats and the broom stick concentrating on speed and good rotational mechanics. Each mile per hour you gain in batspeed is 4 to 6 feet further the ball will fly depending on the speed of the pitch. Do this 3 times per week but don't over do it. You can probably pull together some old bats or cheap bats. Use some heavy wood for the heaviest bat if you don't have aluminum. No donuts. In 6 weeks you will swing faster. But then you will have to adjust your timing to your new speed so that you are still making good contact.

Attached is a basic article on over under swing training. Don't know that I would take this premise to throwing a baseball but it does work for swinging a bat.



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