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Re: Re: hitting is complicated

Posted by: Melvin () on Tue May 12 20:17:42 2009

"I think a lot of what is talked about such as the shoulders rotating and a circular hand path is a natural byproduct of a good swing...Both happen naturally and you can't over analyze things and try and work on that in a batting cage."

This is pure nonsense, and smelly to read.

Nothing is a natural byproduct of anything in athletics. Hitting isn't "natural" any more than kicking a football is natural. The use of the word natural is so general as to be meaningless.

Second, you have given us a logical fallacy. If shoulder rotation and circular hand path are good and natural, why would we not want to concentrate on performing those aspects correctly? You yourself said they are part of a good swing.

You say they happen "naturally." What do you mean "naturally?" You must not watch much baseball. At the youth fields in my neighborhood, you can watch games from sunrise until 10 p.m. and not see one kid with a circular hand route and good transfer mechanics. Where are all these natural mechanics?

You sound anti-intellectual. There is a lot of that going around the country right now. You seem to want things simple and bereft of deep analysis. Up to you, but don't expect people who know better to buy your reductionist BS.


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