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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Getting Started

Posted by: LRS (HI) on Sun May 17 15:59:56 2009

Great Discussions

Posted by: Zig Ziegler () on Mon Feb 17 08:45:05 2003


Our research and test is designed to show an athlete not how to have the perfect swing in comparison to McGwire, Bonds, Griffey, Garciaparra, or any other athlete. It is merely a guage to identify exactly what the athlete is doing.

Each athlete has specific strengths and weaknesses which impact their ability to swing a bat, throw a ball, or kick a soccer ball. Most players and coaches learn to master a movement without improving weaknesses, instead capitalizing on their strengths.

#2-Having a basic understanding of anatomy. #3-Experience in working with athletes to achieve a desired outcome.

. I specifically looked for strengths and weaknesses in the swing, because that is what I have trained my self to do when working with an athlete. After identifying those weaknesses, I must work with the athlete to minimize thoses weaknesses. That's what strength and conditioning coaches are supposed to do.

We must minimize the athlete's weaknesses.

The bottom line is that in addition to the strength of the athlete, the typical homerun hitter is stable at contact and immediately following.

Our findings are this every athlete does something different on every swing.
<< Zig thought McGuire's CLOSED front foot was a stability and spinal health deficit !!! ...LRS....See Feb 03 Discussion Board


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