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Re: front shoulder

Posted by: rql () on Thu May 21 13:39:03 2009

> I have been trying to get the circular hand path swing down for the past six months. I truly belive thats the path to hitting the ball hard. I want to learn it so i can pass it on to players who struggle with hitting as many baseball players often do .I have purchased two batting tapes the final arc 2 and swing analysis, which I found well done and informative also I read the dicussion board, I practice hitting the heavy bag, and understand what is meant by chp,tht,and bht and extended front knee at contact .I have been practicing them regulary trying to burn them into my swing. Till now i feel that I improved my ability to turn on the inside pitch but i might have lost something on the outside pitch .thou today i found what i think is a gem, on the discussion board .Back in 2000 Jack wrote how important he thought turning the front shoulder to the ball is. and by concentrating on that alone it work well . I tried it on the pitching machine.I just thought of nothing else but closing the front shoulder to load . landing closed, to the plate, then attempting to rotate my front shoulder to contact and that was it, nothing else by thinking closed i must have been pulling back with the top hand hiding my hands correctly the front arm stayed across the chest and I automaticly did the right things, when I landed the front foot down I saw where the pitch was going I then just rotated the front shoulder to contact . which must have taken care of THT ,slotting the rear elbow circular hand path among other things .The shoulders must have rotated correctly rotating more on inside pitches less on outside pitches but finally the swing felt the same on inside and outside pitches i could cover both sides of the plate I didnt have to think about it. most balls were hit up the middle or into the gaps, has anyone else ever tried this ?closed front shoulder to load open front shoulder to contact and thats it.seems to simple i would be intrested in anyones opion for or against this idea by the way I know im no great hitter just looking for a better way

what you are using is a cue to reach an outcome,I would suggest filming your swing and syncing it with some ML hitters,see if it is a solid process,then use what ever cue brings that swing out,for some it is hip shoulder,hips and hands,barrel to contact point,cues are individual


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