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Re: Re: Re: Inexplicable Bat Weight -- bat suggestions?...

Posted by: LRS (H.I.) on Tue May 26 05:52:05 2009

FROM Alan m.Nathan's website....................Unfortunately, it is very difficult to model the swing of a bat in order to
predict how swing speed is affected by the inertial properties of the bat, such as
its mass or mass moment of inertia (MOI). Moreover, there have been very few
systematic studies of bat speed in the scientific literature, reflecting the fact that
bat speed is difficult to measure and can depend on conditions not easily
controlled or even quantified. Despite these difficulties, previous studies [1-4]
have shown a qualitative dependence of bat speed on inertial properties.
Unfortunately, because of the difficulty in doing such measurements and due to
the selection of bats used in these studies, the dependencies are usually not
quantified nor are the effects of mass and MOI separately determined.


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