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Re: Re: Elbow

Posted by: rql () on Tue May 26 16:50:46 2009

> > I know the rear elbow must get to the rib cage but please instruct me as to where the elbow needs to exactly on a pitch:
> > 1)Away
> >
> > 2)Middle
> >
> > 3)In
> >
> > Is it all the same or would the elbow have to get away from the rib cage on an away pitch?
> The elbow gets away from the rib cage on an outside pitch. I believe Jack Mankin covered this last month. It has been covered in the last 60 days somewhere by Jack because I remember reading it.

I would focus more on the lead elbow and let the rear one follow without thought.On an away pitch the lead arm is pretty straight from initiation and the key to connection is the lead bicep connected to the lead bicep muscle,the rear elbow will slot 5-7 inches away from ribs is my best guess.the middle pitch has 2 options,some will hit it up the middle others have it in the wheel house for a gap pull shot,on the up the middle hit the hands may be drawn in some to have barrel perpendicular to ball at contact,jeter does this well,more extension will occur and the rear elbow well be a little away from ribs on a pull swing[barrel further away from body].Finally on inner half pitches the elbows will bend the most and the rear elbow will be tight to ribs,Garvey once said he swung with alligator arms,I believe he meant with his elbows close to his body even when he extended for away pitch the elbows were close to the body.


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