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devolping hitters

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Thu May 28 16:19:18 2009


I struggled with a proper load the whole time i played ball
I was out on my front foot to much during hitting and that caused me to many slumps if i could do it againg I would try to load the way Ted williams explained it though not word for word it went something like this hips hands and shoulders rotate back while the stride foot inched fowards. i myself noticed that when my stride foot landed if
i pointed it at the second basemen as rhb I could land first on the inside ball of the foot then the heel would land much softer i would be much better balanced try him turning the front hip in as the stride foot is coming foward also another que that might be help ful have him turn his butt cheek in sutle way at the pitcher to load back before going foward also this web site explains in the swing mechanics section tells excatly what happens in a good load body in full detail


i struggled with a proper load all the time that i played


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