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Re: Re: Re: PLEASE explain: Awful swing produces huge blast

Posted by: THG () on Sat May 30 16:57:58 2009

> > > Just when I think I'm starting to really get the rotational concepts
> > > on this site someone crushes a home-run with mechanics that seem to go
> > > against all the rules. Freddie Lewis of the giants seems to lunge for
> > > this ball and practically stop his swing before he hits it! What's
> > > going on here???
> > > http://sanfrancisco.giants.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=4702731
> >
> > After viewing the video, I would say that it was because of his good rotational mechanics that he was able to hit a homerun even though he was somewhat fooled and was out on his front foot. The upper body was still very rotational. You can see the front side pulling through the swing and some bottom hand torque towards the end. Very similar to Johnny Damon's swing that has launched many a home run. The real beauty of rotational mechanics - even when you're not perfect you can still generate alot of batspeed and do some damage.
> It was actually a pretty good swing. If you look at the last part of the video where it shows the side shot you can see that he is in a good hitting position at contact. However, his follow through is terrible as he was fooled slightly on the pitch. He had already made contact when the swing broke down. So he was able to hit the ball hard. It looks much worse than it was.

Actually, I am certain the ball is juiced this year. I mean I saw guys hit the ball in the upperdeck at the Metrodome with no problem. ex. Joe Mauer who has showed little power in the past. Jason Varitek who struggled mightily last year. Luke Scott of Baltimore the other day threw has bat down is disgust because he knew he did not hit the ball well enough to carry out of the part, yet the ball traveled over 410 feet to center. The ball is juiced.

I will admit that Lewis had a good rotational initiation. In addition he hit the ball on the sweetspot which means added distance. He also kept his hands back at launch which is critical regardless of the finish.


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