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dropping the hands

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Mon Jun 1 08:06:24 2009

>>> Can anyone share with me the secert of teaching my 13 year old son to stop dropping his hands. He loads with the hands high and then drops them 6-8 inches straight down and then comes forward on the ball. I have done soft toss and tee work and in these drills he brings the bat down to the ball. It is only in the cages or in live pitching where he is dropping the hands. Thanks for any suggestions. Darrell <<<

hi Darryl dropping my hands ,the way you described were one of the many problems I had as batter as well as striding too long, and bringing my hands foward ,as I took a stride. I now belive those 3 problems i just mentioned were related and could have been controled by taking the correct coil in the load .What I did wrong was bring my hands straight back at the catcher which disconnected my hands from my body. when I would stride foward to hit my head, and my hands, would come foward and my hands would drop if only i knew to coil In to conter rotate the upper and lower body the hips and the upper body rotate back while the front leg is going foward to stride .The hands would have been back by my rear shoulder and the front shoulder would have been much more tucked in from there is were i should have swung


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