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Re: Re: Re: Stride Timing

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Sun Jun 7 04:02:45 2009

> Torque, thanks for your response. Putting into the written word these actions can be difficult. I'm not saying to shift weight forward at stride/ separation, weight needs to stay back.Striding to me is not weight movement forward. Its the optimum timing of stride when one strides that Im questioning and more specifically the wait time. I have read that a late stride can be very detrimental to good hitting, and many are late. I feel all preliminary motion should be stopped for a mini seconds? before forward launch , earlier stride would facilitate this, to pick up speed and read. Again bear in mind forward to me was only very light stride not weight transfer.These thoughts are based on a 14 yr old facing 50 to 75 mph at 50 and 60 ft mounds.I feel the term weight transfer can be interpreted as linear. I have checked Jacks archives and found some rather interesting posts back in 2005. Thanks for your input Torque

You are right. Putting timing issues into words is very difficult and teaching timing is equally difficult. I use the terms light stride and weight transfer equally which could be confusing. Back to front transfer seems to be 60/40 to 50/50 or 60/40 to 40/60. There is a subtle weight transfer in all swings that should be more timing related than anything.

The only real observation that I have noted with late timing is that hitters who are often late begin tracking and thus reacting to the ball late. I can watch a hitters eyes and see when they react to the ball and initiate hitting reflexes. To me it seems they really start tracking the ball late and then try to react to the pitch instead of attacking the ball.

You are right in that late timing is detrimental to hitting success. Getting the front foot down and planted too late makes it very difficult to hit consistently. Being too early is also a problem.

Timing is probably the most difficult thing to discuss.


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