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Batting inconsistently?

Posted by: Jason (jason.jorgensen@co.crow-wing.mn.us) on Mon Jun 15 07:56:47 2009

My name is Jason, I have been a avid sportsman for most of my life. I am 37 and this is my first year playing slow pitch.
I was just wondering about hitting. I am 5'9' and about 200 lbs I bench press 335lbs and have 18' arms with a 33' waist.
You say you crack one out about 1 out of 3-4 at bats. Do you swing flat or meet the ball at the angle it is approaching?
It seems that in BP I tend to hit the ball higher than deeper and in the game it tends to go more towards the ground any ideas to what is going on. I have only put one out in BP and a few to the fence in the games. Any tips would be much appreciated.



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