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Re: Hitting Issue- Weak grounders, pop ups

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Sat Jun 20 14:56:24 2009

> My son has been having some issues hitting the baseball lately. He is 14 yrs old right handed hitter in babe ruth. He is a great contact hitter with occassional power and was leading the team in hitting for avg.... but lately all he seems to be doing is hitting weak grounders, pop ups, foul balls or cue shots off the the end of the bat to the right side of the diamond. He has a quick back so I don't think he is late...I think it is mechanical or timing... Any tips will be greatly appreciated to get him out of this funk. I have taught him a rotational swing where the knob of the bat leads the way to the ball, while staying back and tilting.

He is probably not swinging the bat enough at live pitching. Inconsistency can be attributed to different things but the first place to look is to see if he is swinging enough. Even a great swing will produce mediocre results if it isn't used enough. Consistency almost always picks up with more swings.


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