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Re: Re: Re: Re: circular hand path

Posted by: daw () on Tue Jun 23 11:03:40 2009

> > hi rql I can,t deny that I do see the good major league players use chp. I am trying to figure out why chp is actually quicker to the ball then the linear path is not actually how chp happens .
> I think I am not following the last sentence totally,but here goes,I think the linear motion is just as quick as the chp style,however the bat does not travel as far around and cannot pickup the batspeed that rotation provides,you can get the bat to the ball with both but rotation allows the barrel to travel much further around building more speed and still gets there on time.

I'll race you around the bases for fifty bucks. I'll start at home and you can start at second. Two catches:

I get to take off at "go", you have to jump up and down five times before you can start; and

I get to sprint, but you have to walk.

Who will win the race?

The ball will arrive at home plate roughly a half second or so after it leaves the pitcher's hand. We want the bat head to be there, moving in an arc, when the ball gets there.

I'll use a "circular hand path", which (1) gets the bat head moving in the correct arc immediately; and (2) powered by the most powerful muscles in my body.

You use a linear hand path, which doesn't get the bat head moving until you've brought the hands forward some, and which ultimately will use your forearms and wrists to do so.

Whose bat will get there quicker with the most power?


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