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Re: circular hand path

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Jul 3 15:46:03 2009

>>> while I could never deny that big name mlb players are taking a circular hand path to the ball > because I do see it every night on ml baseball highlights .I dont think most of them are using chp on purpose its a result of starting the swing by opening the lower body hips]and leaving the upper body closed creating a streched feeling as the upper body gets pulled open by the hips and then the shoulder ,the front arm gets pulled taking some slack out of the elbow starting the circular hand path eventually the front shoulder does take over the swing towards contact but i think chp starts because of separation between the upper and lower body at the start of the swing <<<

Hi Jerry

I agree that few MLB hitters practice taking their hands in a circular path or even understand the physic principle that makes it more productive than a straighter path. However, as you pointed out, the best MLB hitters do exhibit a CHP whether learned by trial and error or came by it naturally. I think you would agree that young hitters being taught CHP mechanics are more likely to develop a productive hand-path than those taught to extend their hands straight (A to B).

Jerry, you state, "its a result of starting the swing by opening the lower body hips]and leaving the upper body closed." -- I have not found that to be the case. A circular path of the hands can occur with the 'separation' you describe but I do not think it is the reason for it. I have seen coaches teaching drills where --
(1) The batter strides to a firm front leg
(2) The batter fully opens the hips while keeping the shoulders closed (max separation).
(3) The batter is then taught to drive his hands across his chest straight back toward the pitcher --
I have also noted these mechanics in swings sent to me for analysis.

The post from the Archives below discusses the importance of shoulder rotation and keeping the lead-elbow at a fixed angle. I point this out in the Rose clips and would appreciate your thoughts.

CHP & BHT Mechanics

Jack Mankin


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