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Re: Re: Wrapping

Posted by: jima (andyii@cox.net) on Sun Aug 27 07:31:57 2006

Thanks for your response Jack. I'll review the videos you suggested, although as you know, I find them misleading unless we know the count, the pitch location and what type of pitch the batter was looking for (was he fooled or did he guess right). When my son wraps the bat his lead shoulder turns away from the pitcher so that when he finishes his load, his lead shoulder is pointed to the foul side of first base. I'm not as concerned about bat angle as I am his shoulder position. His reaction is to open his shoulder before his hips. I would prefer him to begin to open his hips while keeping his shoulders in a "resistance" mode. Then shoulders, arms, hands in a rotational manner. Right now his swing is way too long. jima


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