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Re: Re: Jack: Lower Body Mechanics

Posted by: Matt () on Sun Jul 5 22:11:34 2009

> >>> Jack,
> First off, I would like to say that I have spent the past year browsing the site and have
improved tremendously at the plate. However, in pursuit of the perfect swing, I am having
a problem. I can't seem to "get off my back side" in the swing. I see it in all of the great
swings: back toe in the air at contact. But I just can't seem to get it; I assume that my
lower body mechanics are not quite perfect yet.
> I was hoping that you could share some of your teachings/ cues on lower body
mechanics in order to help me "get off my back foot."
> Thanks again for your great work,
> Matt <<<
> Hi Matt
> Thank you for the compliment. However, without seeing your swing, I am not sure you
have a problem. I do not place the value on "get off my back side" as some coaches. Some
good hitter's back-foot comes of the ground but many do not. Before making major
changes to your mechanics, I think the link below may give you a different perspective on
why the weight on the back-foot becomes lighter during rotation.
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/messageboard/119313.html">Weight Shift -
Truism or Fallacy</a>
> Jack Mankin


Thanks for the link. I believe I have solved the issue and feel like I should share with you the steps that I went through to do so. I've always been a Bonds junkie. I have clips/slide shows of him on my computer and have studied his swing intensively. I believe, steroids or not, he had the perfect swing. I noticed that after he loads the front shoulder down and in and proceeds with his stride, he establishes his stationary axis against his front side that is slightly tilted as opposed to upright. I placed my focus on
achieving this and discovered that it is only natural to be "pulled off of the back side."

Although my toe does not necessarily get airborne as maybe A-Rod's does, I do get onto the toes and feel that I more efficiently transfer energy into the ball.

This is probably something that you already know or have already talked about, but I felt that I should share this progress.

Again, thank you for your work. My game has been elevated to a different level by applying some of the concepts on the site. I was once a second baseman who hit for singles and a high average, and now I have added power to my game while retaining a high average. I hit 9 homers in 35 games last summer including a 410ft+ ball in major
league stadium (I'm only 5'9, 180lbs). With the minor adjustment that I made today regarding the establishment of a tilted, stationary axis, I hit 5 balls over 360ft with wood in less than 30 swings.

Any comments on this adjustment are welcome.

Thanks again,


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