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Re: Re: difference between swinging fast and hard

Posted by: Dave (nytino20@aol.com) on Thu Jul 9 13:52:14 2009

Very interesting Jack...

Another important thing I have noticed when I stayed loose doing a dry swing and concentrating on not tensing up at all. I just concentrated on simply swinging the bat as FAST as possible from the initiation to follow through. Basically tryed to "get my swing over with" as soon as possible.

What I found that was extremely interesting to me was when doing this my hips fired open JUST before my shoulders and then arms and finally bat. The kinetic link. The hips powered my swing by doing this. I have been trying to feel this for a long time now and I finally felt it. I think consciously thinking to swing the bat as FAST as I possibly can set up a system for my body to perform the action. My brain then fired the right muscles to do this in the right order. The kinetic link was achieved.

I think a lot of the swing is really on auto pilot. I find it extremely unlikely for the swing to be taught step by step. The body learns how to efficiently swing the bat correctly. It's all a matter of the goal at hand. If you try to tense up and kill the ball the body will set up a system to properly achieve this. This is not the correct way to swing.


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