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Re: Back Arm Training

Posted by: Jack Mankin (Mrbatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Jul 15 12:11:30 2009

>>> I enjoyed the videos on the back arm position. What is the best way to go about training the back arm to stay back and not swing underneath? <<<

Hi Garrett

I find that relying too much on the back-side to accelerate the bat is the main cause for the elbow getting ahead of the hands. Therefore, I stress to my students with this problem the need to get their lead-side more involved. I have them keep their back-forearm (and thus the top-hand) back during initiation and allow the rotation of the lead-shoulder to pull the hands into a CHP.

This helps most students keep the back-elbow in a productive position. Others are so top-hand dominant that they have a real problem keeping the forearm back. They show improvement during hands-on instruction but video sent later shows their elbow is once again swinging under the armpit and inward toward their bellybutton. - Frustrating.

Jack Mankin


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