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Re: Re: Dropping hands

Posted by: rql () on Wed Jul 15 17:42:54 2009

> >>> My son is is 10 years old and has a horrible habit of dropping his hands prior to attempting contact. Is there any drill I can do with him to get him out of this habit? Thank you for any advice. <<<
> Hi John
> The best hitters initiate their swings with the hands at shoulder level and make contact with the hands below the belt on pitches at the knees. From the information you provided, I cannot say for sure if your son has a problem or the lowering of his hands is just the necessary trajectory of sound swing mechanics.
> Jack Mankin

John why not get on jacks you tube sight for photos find a shot from the side look at it in frame by frame and tell us what and where your sons hands are doing at toe touch and where you see the M.L. hitters hands at that point,also how is the tip of your sons bat pointing.


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