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top hand dominance

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Thu Jul 16 09:38:12 2009

hi dave you bring up a intresting point .I do belive what you are saying .
i think a right handed batter can be to back side dominate but you can change that by practicing to be more of lead side hittter the question you bring up is which is the power hand ?it seems to me most true power hitters bat with their throwing hand on top bonds, arron < ruth,ted williams wrote he wished he was a true lefty like he wasnt a great enough hitter my nephew throws r bats left and seems to uppercut to much his top arm doest seem to be able to contol his upper cut there have been some great hitter who throw right bat left such as boggs but most seem not to be power hitters I once read that most major league postion players are not same hand ,eyed ,dominate meaning if he bats righty his top hand on the bat is his right hand and his dominate left eye is closesr to the pitcher for lefty batters its reversed they say thats very important so i guess the mlb players were born that way and then worked their tails of to get there and stay there


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