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Re: Re: > There is no question that for me, this is by far the most powerful way to hit a ball. I just haven't been able to dupl

Posted by: rql () on Sun Jul 19 14:27:16 2009

> > >
> > > Thoughts?
> The snap of the wrist has forever been mentioned as snapping the wrist at,to,and through the point of contact,actually there is no snap,but,at and into the point of contact as you "TORQUE" the bat by pulling the knob very quickly back towards the catcher and at the same time you flick the top hand and wrist forward into contact,"BOTTOM HAND KNUCKLES DOWN" "TOP HAND KNUCKLES UP" absolutely no roll or movement that changes these hands position until after contact is made and finished, grab an ax, apply the blade in a normal swinging approach to a tree, I use ax handles cut to players lengths and tennis balls for tee, soft toss and even live hitting in batting cages,some players even college age players will ask whether to hit the ball on the edge or the flat of the handle, I never tell them first I wait to see if they can figure it out for themselves.
> Don Ervin
> kom_ervin@yahoo.com

good for you


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