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Re: Bag work causing quitting?

Posted by: rql () on Mon Jul 20 11:23:03 2009

> I'm worried I may be hurting my sons swing more than helping. I've had him do bag work and accomplish those goals before moving on to hitting a ball. I let him hit off a tee this week and it's like he never hit a ball before. Looks to be spinning and stopping at the ball on contact with a terrible follow through. Like he doesn't know what to do post contact. ugh.
> Think I may be in over my head here and messing with him more than just letting him swing naturally.

how old is he,focus on tee and seeing the ball,hit on field,let him see it happen and adjust,I use a bag when I know what I am doing and then try to ingrain it with repetition,or overload/underload training.


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