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Re: Re: michael young

Posted by: zig ziegler (zigz@motiondancorp.com) on Wed Aug 30 11:50:03 2006

> What makes Michael Young such a great hitter and should I pattern my swing after his?
> > anyone know where I can find video of Michael Young's swing? and does anyone know if he is rotational or linear?
> >
> >
> > Instead of thinking to rotate with your hips, if you thought about driving your back knee in (towards the pitcher) it forces your front hip to open. Would this be better to think of instead of thinkg to rotate the hips?

Brian, great questions. In my opinion, based upon detailed research, you should only pattern your swing after someone whom you can physically identify with (similar physical strength, flexibiilty, balance etc.) But remember every player has flaws in their swing that they have mastered, like George Brett and his sometimes wrapping of the bat behind his head. and Barry Bonds and his sometimes unstable front foot at contact. and Manny Ramirez with his barred front arm. those guys have been at it long enough to master the timing of how to cover up their flaws. I have analyzed Michael Young's swing and to the naked eye it looks good, but even he has flaws. so study his swing carfully if you are going to model yourself after it.

And in answer to your final question, it is absolutely correct for your to concentrate more on what your back leg does as opposed to trying to rotate your hips. because your hips can't rotate without the help of your back leg.

Best wishes

Zig Ziegler


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