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Bat speed

Posted by: Jimbo (Jimmywindle2012@gmail.com) on Fri Jul 24 19:21:51 2009

Barry actually uses a 32 inch bat. But he does choke up for a super fast swing. He uses
all the tape on the handle to add weight for better distrubution.

> BHL,
> > >
> > > Any thoughts as to how Barry Bonds is able to do what he does with a relatively
short lever? Nick
> >
> > Hi Nick,
> >
> > Can can you give me the length of Bond's bat? I am sure his bat size is the reason
he stands so close to the plate. When you respond, I will plug it into my equation, and
give you the answer based on my theo
> >
> > Best wishes,
> > BHL
> Hi Nick,
> According to Bonds, the length of his lever is 34 inches; however, since he chokes up
two inches, the length is really 32 inches
> As for why he generate more power, I believe that he increases the number of degrees
that his bat-head rotates intentionally.
> For example, if you pointed your bat back towards the catcher, it would only rotate 110
degrees to contact on pitches to the pull field.
> Suppose, from that position, I cock it back another 90 degrees. The bat, then, would
rotate approximately 200 degrees, which my model is based on.
> Barry Bonds has a shorter lever, so he must cock the bat back another 45 degrees,
making the total sweep of his bat-head 245 degrees, as opposed to 200 degrees,
meaning it has another 45 degrees to pick up additional velocity. I suspect this is wJack
Means by "pre-launch torque," yet I am not sure.
> Sincerely,
> Knight1285@aol.com
> P.S. The number of degrees in my calculation are rough estimates, as I learned that a
pull swing is closer to 198 degrees than it is to 225 degrees. I hope that Jeff M. can fill
me in on his findings, so I can continue to update all on geometric ways to induce pull
hitting. Note: the increased percentages of using a longer over a shorter level, though,
will remain a constant--math dictates this.


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