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Re: Back foot on toes

Posted by: rql () on Sat Jul 25 14:51:59 2009

> Hi just a quick question about rotating and the back foot. I just watched this years homerun derby and noticed how everyones back foot was ending up on there tip toes at contact. I have noticed that mine is not like that and offten when I force it to be on the tip toe I lose balance and have come close to spraining my ankle. I am always on the balls of my feet. What can I do to ensure that I am doing it correctly and end up on my toes at contact? Thanks for the site this is great.

sounds like you have been taught squash the bug,and now you see for yourself that great hitters do not.However are you sure at contact your not on your toe,because as they follow thru all those guys will rest back on the ball of their foot.If you are truly staying off your toe at contact then you are not getting off your back side .work on simultaneously pulling your front hip back and drive your back hip thru the front side.belly button toward the plate then snap those hips til the belly is at the pitcher.Have a good base and hit between your feet.


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