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Re: Re: How to get faster batspeed

Posted by: rql () on Sun Jul 26 18:17:11 2009

> > >>>>I have a problem. I am a great base hit guy but I have a problem hitting triples and homeruns. It's from not having a very high bat speed. If I can get my bat speed up; It will determine if I go D1 or if I go Jco. I need some advice so I can be a "All-hitter", be able to get doubles and singles, but also be able to hit some out if the pitcher makes a mistake. Any suggestions?
> Do over under swing training, hit a punching bag with the bat, hit 10 oz weighted balls off the tee. Watch all of the batspeed.com videos on youtube.

torque that weighted ball thing is new to me tell me about it


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