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Re: Re: Bat Grip

Posted by: jude (wayout1@columbus.rr.com) on Fri Jul 31 13:21:00 2009

> > Hello Jack, question on bat grip. My son is 16, lefty hitter. We've been experimenting on various grips to get the top hand more involved and steady through out the swing. He basically had the same grip for years, fingers around bat. But we are thinking of putting the bat further back in the palm for the top hand. And leave the bat in the fingers for the bottom hand. We felt that he might be rolling over too soon with both hands having a finger grip and losing power?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Mike
> It is the leadarm that is responsible for premature wrist rollover.

Mike, what you are thinking of doing is the opposite of what Ted Williams advocated. The more realistic solution would be to focus, as mentioned, on the lead arm. In the Jack Mankin tape, John Elliot stressed the need to slightly lift the lead elbow so as to prevent doglegging, which would cause the hands to roll over early.

This would be a good place to start to eliminate the rollover problem, especially where low pitches are concerned.


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