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Re: Re: Here's what kind of man Jack Mankin really is

Posted by: rql () on Fri Jul 31 19:09:26 2009

> > I recently put up a short post about some swing problms my son had this season after being out a few games with a bad case of flu. About a year ago, I had a video analysis of his swing done by Mr. Mankin. The video we got back was thorough & very professionally done & we were very happy with it.
> > Fast forward a year. A couple of days after I posted my son's recent problem, I'm sitting at home in NH around 3:30 EST. The phone rings & it's Jack Mankin. Get this; he called me clear out of the blue to express concern about my son's problem & to relate to me a similar incident his boy experienced some time ago. This was completely unsolicited & a total shock. All I can say is this; Jack Mankin is a fellow who cares a whole hell of a lot about the game of baseball & the kids who play it. He is in this because he genuinely cares. He has impressed me immensely & anyone who wants to learn the truth about this game should pay attention to his every word. End of story.
> > Ernie
> great story...baseball is a fantastic game ,,and guys like jack make it that way..



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