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Re: Re: how much velocity is lost when hitting a ball off a tee

Posted by: cory () on Tue Aug 11 13:20:55 2009

> Only the very best MLB hitters have batspeed in excess of 100 mph. Most High School players are from 76-85; College 82-92; MLB 88-97 and a special few over 100. You can do the research on the web and see the results of the various studies conducted on this subject.

I know that the only the very best hitters have batspeeds over a hundred... but I am a firm beleiver that if you have the right mechanics and know how to train the proper way that a good portion of highschool hitters can reach a batspeed of 100... I was able to figure it out according the the BESR study and equation thing hitting a ball off a tee at 80 mph would equate to a batspeed of around 92 if I did the math right.


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