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Re: stop hitter jumping up

Posted by: FiveFrameSwing (lyons.chris@yahoo.com) on Mon Aug 31 09:51:39 2009

> My friend has a problem of jumping up or what I call jumping out of his boots during his swing. Instead of squishing the bug and the right knee finishing near 90 degrees (right handed), he jumps up and extends the knees or pushes up. This causes him to hit on top of the ball and hit the ball straight in the ground. I've tried to tell him some things to fix this but they aren't helping him. Does anyone have any drills or a fix to correct this?

If I understand the issue correctly your friend's head can be seen to elevate as he swings.

Is your friend pushing forward with his rear foot, or the muscles surrounding the rear hip? Is this push timed to be complete after the front foot is weighted, or is he continuing to push forward throughout the swing? Does your friend "sit" on his back leg as he moves to heel plant as Barry does in the link below (arrows indicate change in Barry's head height as he weights his front side).



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