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Re: becoming a "smart" hitter

Posted by: rql () on Sat Sep 5 07:06:36 2009

> While this board usually touches on swing mechanics, I was wondering what thoughts are out there on how a young player can best develop into what I would call a "smart" hitter. I recall Ted Williams 1st rule was always "get a good pitch to hit". To me, a player who does that is my definition of a smart hitter. My question is this; while everyone would agree with Ted's statement, how can a young player develope this type of ability? What has worked for those of you on this board? Or those you have coached or played with? Thanks.
> Ernie Roy
ernie 1st know yourself,strengths and weaknesses,work on weaknesses in practice but look for strengths in games.By that I mean if you are a low ball hitter,think belly down,picture the ball coming out of a cone from pitchers hand,to your area,if it goes out of the cone early abort.learn your pitchers strengths weaknesses and tendencies.Is he a fb pitcher or cb pitcher.curveball pitchers will try to show the fb around the plate and get you out with the curve.try to read the ball out of the hand do you see wrist facing you[fb] or side of hand [cb]Learning where a cb must be early in order for it to be a strike is a must for smart hitter.You must recognize if it looks like a belt high pitch early then you see spin it will be a ball.Think gap to gap hit the ball to oppo gap 1st[ball on outer half 1st] then adjust in for middle in pitch.lay off the last 3 inches of plate on either side til 2 strikes if that suits you,hit pitchers mistakes not their good pitches.when you get your pitch dont miss it,know what it is and hit it


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